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Fiberglass Batt Insulation Services

Hopkins Energy Corporation Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Hopkins Energy Corporation installs a complete line of fiberglas® and mineral wool building insulation products that provide maximum energy efficiency and sound control in commercial structures.

Commercial Blanket Insulation

Designed for use between metal studs or some suspended ceilings, lightweight fiberglas blanket insulation offers both thermal and sound insulation. This easy-to-install product is available in full 16″ or 24″ widths in a wide range of R-factors. It comes unfaced or kraft faced.

Flame Spread 25

Walls and ceilings where the insulation facing is exposed need the extra protection of Flame Spread 25, a fiberglass insulation with a special Foil/Kraft laminate facing. The surface burning characteristics include a Flame Spread of 25 and Smoke Developed of 50, per ASTM E84-80. Suitable for low abuse areas.

Semi-Rigid Insulation Board

This lightweight, resilient insulation is designed for use in curtain walls, masonry wall cavity spaces and interiors of masonry walls between furring channels. Two types are available, and both come faced or unfaced. 703 is for exterior walls and between wythes of masonry walls, while higher-strength 705 is for areas requiring greater resistance or a more uniform appearance.